So, 2015 happened.

  • 4 January 2016

Happy new year! Back at the end of 2014 I looked forward to 2015 and came up with a bunch of video production related predictions, now it's time to see how wrong I was.

Time Lapses: More time lapse commissions but less time lapse specialists

The more I think about it the more right I think I was. There's still lots of time lapses around, but I think 2015 might have been its peak. In many ways everything feels like it's been done before; it's now incredibly difficult to WOW (as in 'WOW', not 'wow') people with timelapses. The timelapse below, published Feb 2015, is the new benchmark. Difficult to get any better.

Timelapses in 2016? It's all about stock footage, helping to make news reports slightly more interesting!

Drones, Drones, Drones: They'll be everywhere! There might be deaths!

They really are everywhere, even we got involved during a trip to Blackpool filming for LOVEmyBEACH! In fact there was even 'drone porn' (apparently, someone told me)! Thankfully there weren't any deaths. Although there were some near misses, including a professional skier, a tri-athlete being hit, Enrique Iglesias (he's still around) cutting his finger, this suspicious looking GoPro PR stunt at Burning Man. Although there were some drone deaths in Syria and Iraq, but let's not get political right now!

Laws are starting to be tightened and enforced, one guy was even fined. Plus Kanye West revealed that he's scared of drones! With Amazon planning drone delivery, Muse's Drones tour featuring 16 drones above the audience and crazy, super fast racing drone that are clearly aimed at people who are mad enough to take stupid risks; I'm going all out and saying 2016 will see more drones and the first death.

Too much content: Make friends with trusted sources to get your content seen.

It's true there's a lot of video around. Apparently 400 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. It's still difficult for your content stand out and get noticed, I don't think I have the answer for it. Just keep churning out cat videos.

4K: Lots of talk, still difficult to see it.

I was right, although sales of 4K TVs rose steadily, it's still difficult to access a lot of good 4K content, just ask our very own Greg who bought a 4K TV last month. But companies still love a marketing gimmick so it hasn't stopped Sharp announcing the launch of an 8K TV...too soon!

In 2016 it will get slightly better, the Olympics will help and services will start announcing some dedicated 4K channels/streaming; but it will mainly be films and sport.

Social Media: More video, more auto play, more live; you can't get away!

Here's a list of what I said:
- An increase in annoying auto play videos on Facebook.
- They'll cram in more video adverts too.
- Facebook Live broadcasting.
- should get a face lift because it looks awful, but it won't.
- Google+ will continue to limp around like an injured animal while Google continue to claim it to be the most popular platform on the net.

I was pretty spot on, although YouTube actually did get a little bit of a face lift. In 2016....MORE. VIDEO. EVERYWHERE.

Selfie Stick: Lots of photos, more selfie videos.

There weren't as many selfie videos as I though, despite there now being various selfie video apps. However there was this lovely story of a guy visiting Las Vegas who managed to put his camera the wrong way, resulting in him just filming his own face the whole time. Bless him.

Final Prediction: They'll be a blog about the predictions blog!

I was right, you've just read it! Overall I actually got quite a few right, even if I do say so myself!

Enjoy 2016!

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