Some might call us industry professionals so here's our professional predictions of our industry for 2015.

  • 18 December 2014

Time Lapses

I guess we should know about time lapses. But it's hard to predict the future. In 2014 the new Instagram hyperlapse function and the time lapse mode on Apple's iOS 8 gave a new hype to moving photography. It's true that time lapse videos have become more common, for a production company like us, that brings good news in that it increases the knowledge and awareness of a product that we produce. However it also means that, like video, any member of the public thinks they can make a time lapse themselves; which they can, with a variety of results. But take a look at Vimeo's Staff Picks and you'll see at least one quality time lapse in there a week.

Although I think the number of time lapse commissions in 2015 will go up and there'll be an increase in time lapses within corporate/marketing videos I don't think there'll be a big increase in professional time lapse producers; only the best will survive. You'll still see plenty of semi-professional, the occasional jaw dropping, time lapse appear on your social media time lines!

Drones, Drones, Drones

You can't move for drones anymore! 2014 saw the price of drones fall and with it, naturally, the popularity of them soar. SOAR! Get it! Drones! Flying!

The main problem is that in the wrong hands, or with a bit of bad luck, they're 'death-copters' (I'll trademark that term soon). There are already some regulations about where you can fly them (in some countries), the problem is there's rarely any enforcement of it. There have been many reports of them being used in crowded areas or near airports but so far I haven't seen any deaths reported (this happened at an NFL game in 1979 and this is probably as close to death as most will get) but I think it'll happen sooner rather than later. That's when the pressure will come to clamp down on unauthorised use or ensure users have a license. There'll still be amateurs and hobbyists using them but I think by the end of 2015 they'll be a higher percentage of professional drone use compared to now.

Want publicity? Make big friends

Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed a curious thing. When previously listening to a news report on the radio occasionally they'd go to 'Joe Blogs, editor at The Guardian newspaper' or 'Shelly Shellson, reporter at American news channel CNN', I feel these are fairly trusted sources. However, now I've started hearing snippets of opinion from 'Aaran Aranonson from Buzzfeed'. Buzzfeed! They just make lists! My dislike of Buzzfeed is documented but the point is that in 2015 popular 'news' sites like Buzzfeed will become even more important as a viewing platform to the public and as a broadcaster to video producers in order to get views and recognition.


Everyone says 2015 will be content, content, content. I don't think that's enough. Your Netflix is probably over loaded with shows in a 'watch later' queue (I don't use Netflix, call me old fashioned but I prefer to go outside). It's not that there isn't enough quality content, it's that there's not enough time to watch all the quality content. We won't filter it ourselves, we'll let our friends, family and sites that we like and trust filter it for us.


There won't be a lot of progress in the much hyped Ultra High Definition; it'll continue to have a lot of potential but still mainly be used as a marketing phrase. In 2015 a few more broadcasters will commit to broadcast more 4K shows from 2016 onwards, Netflix and similar will introduce a bit more 4K content and YouTube '4K' quality will get a tad better. Where they can, production companies will continue to film in 4K but mainly to fulfil their claim of being 'future proof' rather than in any hope that many people will see it in full 4K quality. Sales of 4K TVs/screens will increase but not to an extent that the industry takes much notice (we need a big sporting event for that, come back in 2016). Internet speed, cost of fast processing speed and the huge amount of memory needed will continue to be problems. Basically, as you were.

Social Media

There'll continue to be an increase in annoying auto play videos on our Facebook feeds. They'll cram in more video adverts too. They might even go into live broadcasting!

I want to say YouTube will give their site a face lift because it looks awful, but they won't. Google+ will continue to limp around like an injured animal while Google continue to claim it to be the most popular platform on the net.

Selfie Stick

I think the 'selfie stick' will be one of the top sellers this Christmas. Amongst idiots. It's a shame because when used innovatively, with a good camera, in the right situation there can be some stunning results. Sadly I think the selfie and selfie stick will in some way be extended to video in 2015. Maybe it'll be one of those charity crazes.

Final Prediction

They'll be a blog at the end of 2015 looking back at the year relating to these predictions. At least I'll get one right!

I hope 2015 brings you everything you want...and more!

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