It's all going 4K.

  • 29 March 2014

BVE this year was great – even greater than last year. Last year we learned that 4K is the new big thing that’s going to hit the market for real. This year we saw this in action. With new affordable camera systems such as the Blackmagic 4K or the Lumix GH4 – there’s no doubt that 4K is the new HD. Even the new Samsung S5 is capable of taking ‘4K’ video so we’ll have 4K in our pockets (apart from all film makers owning iPhones).

Again, we were overwhelmed by walking into this huge hall with, as it seemed, thousands of stands and millions of new inventions for filmmakers. After having a quick walk through (took 2 hours at least) all the corridors of stands we realised that this hype about 4K is no joke – everyone’s on about it.

Then we went to Larry Jordan’s seminar ‘Posting in 4K: The future’ – and 45 minutes later we walked out with a paradigm shift about 4K. Larry said himself, ‘I’m a skeptic’ – and a skeptic he was, and now we are too.

Lots of cameras shoot 4K now, but who thinks about the consequence of buying a 4K camera? If you purchase one, you need to think about a new computer, new screen, new hard drives and possibly a time-machine as no one really wants 4K distribution these days because there is such a limited stock of 4K screens.

If you’re a small company like us; product delivery will probably end up on YouTube and watched at 720p.

How long will it take for 4K to be the consumer format – 5 years? We don’t know, but what we do know is that we didn’t walk out with a 4K camera, but rather with a different opinion – or more knowledge. We’ve been mesmerised since we saw 4K footage on a 4K screen and all we wanted was to do everything in 4K. Now we’ll wait a bit, but still produce 4K timelapses because after all; it is the coolest thing that exists, just not too practical yet…maybe we haven’t taken it fully on board!

Is this a 4K rant? No, it is a showcase of what the BVE is; it’s not only a place to discover the latest technology and play with cameras. It is a research and educational institution where professionals and experts teach, update and discuss the industry and its facets with fellow filmmakers.

We highly encourage anyone that is in this industry to go to every BVE and take in everything that it has to offer because it’s a truly valuable event.

If by any chance you’ve missed the BVE this year, then first of all, GO NEXT YEAR. Secondly, you can kinda get a flavour of this year’s event by having a look around in the virtual tour below :)

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