Paul takes a look at some of the 2014 festive advert offerings.

  • 3 December 2014

So you survived/didn't attend/disgraced yourself and the rest of the UK on Black Friday. Well there's still another 3 weeks until Christmas which means more shopping! Oh joy!

But where to shop? Don't worry, millions has been spent trying to persuade you where the best place to go is. So following on from last year, here's our 2014 review


John Lewis

John Lewis are always strong contenders. This year is no different. I prefer this 2014 penguin effort to last years animal farm bundle of fun. Plus as soon as I saw it I realised they're main objective might have been to SELL LOTS OF PENGUIN STUFF. Which I'm sure they'll achieve.

*Christmas started on November 6th this year.

Back to the advert. It's all very nice...but hold on a second, is that a child, on a bus, by himself. In London. At night! WHAT WERE HIS PARENTS THINKING!?! He's 12 (ish)! I'm all for not wrapping children in cotton wool but this sounds crazy!

On a positive note, it shows that if it looks like you'll be spending Christmas alone this year you can always go online and buy a friend!


This year, the Sainsbury's marketing team have stepped up to the mark to challenge John Lewis for the coveted 'Trigger emotion to make people buy stuff at Christmas award'.

There's been some controversy over this one. Cinematically I think it's agreed that it's beautiful. And that's the problem. It was war. Critics ask where the dead and decaying bodies are? Where are the rats? Where's the blood and dirt? They have a point.

But let's give Sainsburys a break, maybe it's not completely accurate (surely we lost the match on penalties?), but it's heart warming. I'll never forget a phrase that my Grandad, who fought in World War II, wrote about when he was trapped in Arnhem, desperately searching for food; "This (German) soldier carried on him a picture of his wife and two beautiful children and it was then I realised that the men on the other side of the line were exactly the same as us". I for one hope that the link with The Royal British Legion raises money to support our veterans.

Coca Cola

Every year there are reviews like this, mainly made up of British adverts, and Coca Cola. And every year it's just another generic advert. Yet again Coca Cola uses every cliché in the book, ironically they didn't make these kids happy, is there no end to their evil!


I know I've just said that these lists are full of British companies. Yes Aldi is German but this advert proves the point I'm trying to make.

For the first 50 seconds of the Aldi advert I think, "this is OK, I see what they're doing moving the camera across there, it's pretty seamless actually. Nothing particularly special but yeah it's fine". Then for the final 10 seconds it goes something like this. "Oh my god! Aldi has Jools Holland! Jools Bloody Holland! Incredible! Best advert ever."

Jools Holland is a British institution! Take note Coca Cola, put some local effort into your adverts!


Yeah, yeah as from 2015 the American Walgreens will own them, I'm not happy about it.

I liked their 2013 advert, I made a point of it being very British, I think they've done it again. Although they never get quite the hype of some of the other big boys advert, they make solid Christmas ads.

'Best' of the Rest

Burberry Chav

Remember when the famous Burberry checkered pattern was worn by chavs and holligans. They were fun days. Well now they have 'Brand Beckham', but not that one, Romeo. He's 12, his brother Brooklyn's 15. When did that happen!?!
I really didn't want to like this advert, especially the smug little Beckham face. It ended up being average, but I'm pretty sure they brought in a Beckham dancing double.

Austerity (and their troubled business strategy) seems to have got to Morrisons with Ant and Dec playing a more minor role this year in their Christmas advert. Also, PJ and Duncan don't seem to have the voice they used to...or maybe they do.

As John Lewis own Waitrose, isn't this just like having a John Lewis B Team, but a bit like a Barcelona B team, they're still damn good!

I heard that the Very advert is good. It's not. I did recognise Fearne Cotton though, the others are probably celebrities too.

Well I can't take much more of this advert watching. So let's go full penguin circle and end with the best!

There you have it. A round up of some of the adverts trying to make you buy stuff at Christmas, there'll be lots of people moaning about them (me included for one reason or another). But just remember, you can buy what you want from where you want. Despite it being the main purpose, you don't need to give in to a nice advert. Screw the marketers, be your own person this Christmas!

And have a good one!

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