It's finally December, so we're allowed to use the c word.

  • 9 December 2013

Every year there’s a big fuss about Christmas adverts, so much so that some people even refuse to allow it to be Christmas until they’ve seen the Coca Cola advert; they get far too excited by it all. We’ve decided to do a little run down of some 2013 Christmas ads.

John Lewis

The John Lewis advert has become a British institution; like Pie, Morecambe & Wise and being too polite. This year Christmas apparently started on November 9th, when all the big Christmas Ads were aired around one of those ITV reality/celebrity/excuses for a show.
I was a big fan of the 2012 John Lewis Advert, remember the snowman and woman, and the 2013 version certainly still manages to tug at our emotional strings. However despite BLOOMs analysis of social media to show the JL (not JLS) advert was the most ‘successful’, I think the introduction of @JohnLewisHare and @JohnLewisBear has just become too much!


The big (none truck) CC ad is all about sharing and random acts of kindness; to be fair I’ve always wanted to give a bunch of flowers to a stranger, I will one day. I’m fairly neutral on Coke, so I’ll just say the advert’s OK and let’s not all forget the many bad PR stories that they’ve had; from sugar levels to bottling tap water claiming it to be spring water and the allegations in India that they are creating water shortages to feed their factories. To be fair to them they do seem to have started bucking their ideas up. Quickly, back to Christmas; didn’t they also make today’s modern Santa Claus wear red. Does this mean Coca Cola now owns Christmas?

We all just want them to bring back the big truck advert. Maybe a collaboration with Eddie Stobart, there's an idea!


John Lewis has certainly increased the use of known and/or emotional music in Christmas ads. Who can blame them? Music can create great emotions, I even wrote an essay on it once, I’ll send it you if you want! Among them is the Debenhams advert which despite its raunchiness I’m not a massive fan of; everyone is far too generically attractive! When do I get to enter this perfect world!?!

M & S

See ‘Debenhams‘. Although I do think this is a slightly better advert. Also it implies that these rather fetching ‘card’ outfits are only available at certain stores! I hope my local Manchester store has them!

All the rage this Christmas; all-in-one card outfit.


I think the Boots effort is a good advert. The overall theme is pretty much exactly the same as Coca Cola; giving and caring. However, for me, I like it more partly because it’s a great soundtrack but mainly because it feels British, the Coke ad is a generic ad which will be used in many, many countries. Boots, being a proud British company (I’m pleased to say founded in my very own Nottingham) can solely talk to the British public. Good soundtrack too.


The Tesco ad is actually quite nice. While even during the happy festive period Asda continue to batter all other supermarkets to within an inch of their lives with their continued emphasis on being cheap, cheap, cheap! Sainsburys may have never recovered from losing Jamie Oliver, their current advert is similar to Tesco if maybe a little bit more real (the spreadsheet bit and ending is pretty good)! As for Morrisons, oh PJ and Duncan, you loveable fools! Is there anything you can’t sell or do!

Toys R Us

Finally, we get to the big Christmas name! A few years ago Toys R Us got rid of their catchy jingle music, but they’ve bowed to public pressure and have brought it back! Coca Cola could learn a thing or two from these guys! Merry Christmas Geoffrey the Giraffe!


In conclusion, they want us to buy all their stuff!

I may have sometimes sounded like a bit of a Scrooge here but like some of these adverts say, I’ll be enjoying friends, family and lots of food; that’s what it’s about-let’s try and ignore all the branding stuff! Also, Cranberry sauce on sandwiches should happen all year round!

Have a nice December from everyone at Lanor!

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