Our 1st DitoGear review, looking at live shooting.

  • 24 July 2014

As you all know it’s basically been constant Christmas here at Lanor HQ since the arrival of our very own toys from DitoGear. No one has stopped smiling and everyone is coming up with the little reasons why “we NEED the DitoGear today”…it’s like children sharing a bike.

Playtime aside, we got down to the nitty gritty; using the DitoGear Omnihead and Omnislider on a live shoot.

DitoGear DitoGear

We are more than happy with the performance of the DitoGear overall. Its reliability and sturdiness are unmatched within its market and the results which it provided, were astounding.

General set-up and break down of everything is easy after you have done it a couple of times and we like how easy it is to calibrate the whole DitoGear Equipment.

Our favourite parts are having 3-axis of movement that you can control the camera through, plus the damping effect, allowing for a more cinematic and smoother movements.

DitoGear DitoGear

We’re now off to do a timelapse review of the Omnihead, Omnislider and the Evolution software. We’re very excited about this and cannot wait to hit the streets of Manchester with the gear!

Watch this ­­space for some more funky DitoGear action!

DitoGear DitoGear

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