Our 2nd DitoGear review, this time using it for time lapses.

  • 23 September 2014

We’ve taken the Omnislider and Omnihead out on a few shoots to test out its capability as a timelapse tool. Our last review we tested out how the DitoGear performs on a live shoot and the results were great. This time we concentrated on the timelapses and unsurprisingly, the DitoGear performed very well. I’m going to give you a brief breakdown of the facets and if more details are required please watch the review video or email me : )

1. Set Up


The set up is fairly simple. If you’re using one axis only (for example slide movement, tilt OR pan) it takes 5-10 minutes to set up. With 2-5 axis (so if you’re using pan and tilt or pan/tilt and slide) things get a bit more complicated; more cables, tests and time to set up. Nevertheless, if you achieve your shot it is worth it! When using more than 1 axis you’ll need the DitoGear Evolution or a few OmniControllers. We use one OmniController when shooting a static timelapse (10 minutes to set up) or DitoGear Evolution (30+ minutes to set up – depends on the shot/movement you’re creating).

2. Shooting


After the set-up we set our camera to video mode and recorded the movement in real-time to get an idea of how its going to look and when satisfied we plugged in the numbers into the controllers/Evolution (that is; shutter-speed, shot interval etc) and started the timelapse!

While it is timelapsing the controller/Evolution shows you how many pictures it has taken, how many left, how much time and distance left. This is great when monitoring the timelapse because you have full control on the progress.

3. Packing up/Transport


Packing up takes about 10 minutes or about 5 minutes with an assistant. So effectively you can get a beautiful timelapse in 30 minutes!

Transporting the DitoGear works well as the OmniSlider has wheels on the case (which you have to buy for about $350 or get a soft case for around $150). Travelling with both the OmniSlider and OmniHead is more problematic if you’re alone (they are quite heavy together) – but with an assistant this is no problem.


- Heavy
- Long time to set up Evolution when using more than 1 axis (need practice to shorten time of set-up)
- Too many cables (but what can you do!)


+ Very sturdy
+ Beautiful design
+ Loads of great creative possibilities (both for timelapse and real life filming)
+ Battery life
+ Smoothness and DitoGear customer service

Watch the video for the full review and to see the results!


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