We look at some inspirational ideas to encourage you to give it a go.

  • 7 April 2015

Sometimes we worry that we get stuck in our ways. We were particularly worried over the long Easter bank holiday weekend, us Brits aren't used to so many days off! So we hoped to inspire, engage and entertain the masses with a few well chosen videos to show how we could change the world!

The Idea

Start with an idea, there's inspiration all around us! You only need one idea to work!

Don't Get Distracted

So you've got your idea, but these days there are so many distractions, not least those little screens we're always holding. Let's get that mind focused on the task in hand, not the phone in hand.
N.B. You can buy big bowls from Ikea.

Use Your Skills

Now we've got you focused let's look at a few other aspects. Use your passion. Make it cheap. Use your skills. Be different.

Go The Extra Step

And if you want that extra feel good fuzzy feeling how about being socially responsible too. Let's do it.

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