How wrong could we be?

  • 21 April 2015

I didn't write about it, but back in October 2014 I predicted the headliners to a few 2015 music festivals. It was a way to try and make some sales emails more fun, because every festival should have a virtual tour, I hate sales emails!

Anyway, now we're well into 2015, it gives me a chance to see how good my predictions were. *SPOILER* not very good.


Living in Manchester you know when Parklife is, maybe not before the actually weekend it's on, but during the weekend there are loads of annoying young people with wellies and stupid short shorts, usually wearing too much make up despite it being a rainy outdoor festival. It enrages me.

You know what else enrages me, their line up, it's not my cup of tea. My predictions wouldn't have made it much better (although Outkast would have been fun)


Prediction:Outkast & Calvin Harris

Actual: Disclosure & Rudimental

Other acts that sprang out: Wu Tang Clan & Metronomy

Final thought: Everyone that goes looks like that.


The big one. I was swayed by the media at the time, everyone said Kate Bush, surely it would be Kate Bush. It isn't. However, the Glasto line up isn't fully confirmed yet so maybe she'll make it! The big controversy, like when Jay Z headlined in 2008 or 50 Cent at Reading & Leeds, is Kanye West. We all have our own musical taste, I think he'll put on a good performance but for me it would be the perfect opportunity to see who's headlining the Other Stage.


P: Kate Bush

A: Foo Fighters & Kanye West & Lionel Richie

Other acts that sprang out: Prince (TBC-he might be headlining) & The Dalai Lama

Final thought: Kan-yay!

Y Not Festival

I enjoyed my visit to Y Not Festival back in 2012. It's a great sized festival that still pulls in some decent acts, I think I might be a bit old for it now though. My Pixies prediction would have been a great headliner, sadly it won't be happening.

Y Not Festival

P: Pixies

A: Basement Jaxx & Primal Scream & Snoop Dogg

Other acts that sprang out: Ocean Colour Scene & Johnny Marr & The Lancashire Hotpots

Final thought: Look how cool we were back in 2012.

Dot To Dot

Dot To Dot takes place over the May Bank Holiday in Nottingham, Manchester & Bristol, showcasing lots of new acts in a bunch of city centre venues that are all within walking distance of each other, it's my current festival of choice! Wild Beasts would have been my choice but I think they're too established now.

Dot to Dot

P: Wild Beasts

A: Saint Raymond

Other acts that sprang out: Swim Deep & Rae Morris

Final thought: Last year Pizza Underground, led by the Macaulay Culkin, were booed off stage in all three cities. I was there, there wasn't much musical talent.

Lunar Festival

I can't actually remember why I chose to predict the Lunar Festival headliners, but I'm pleased I did. Being called LUNAR festival and the recent Public Service Broadcasting album dedicating itself to the space race it was a no brainer for the organisers. Looks like a fun festival

Lunar Festival

P: Public Service Broadcasting

A: Tinariwen & Wilko Johnson & Public Service Broadcasting

Other acts that sprang out: The Fall, The Bootleg Beatles, Plank (excellent Manchester band)

Final thought: These look like my sort of people.


So there it was, I give myself a generous 1 out of 5. It was difficult. If you're going to a festival, have fun and remember; be nice!

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