Kidman + Law + Pearce + Firth = Manchester

  • 7 October 2014

What links Manchester with Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Guy Pearce and Colin Firth? Probably a few things but right now it might be the upcoming 2015 release; Genius.

We’ve received a letter from Location Manager supremo Jonah Coombes (he found places for 28 Weeks Later; and the straight to DVD-esque ‘LOL’) explaining that there’ll be a film crew outside our office building in the next couple of weeks.

The feature length Genius is ‘set in 1930s New York and, in it being shot entirely in present day England, Manchester is set to play the principle role for all the exterior parts.’

Despite their sentence forming being slightly off, it sounds like a big film production with some big stars are coming to the North. Our advice, bring an umbrella.

You heard it here first, if it happens we’ll try and post some photos, if it doesn’t we’ll delete this post and deny all knowledge.

In the meantime, here’s the first photo.

Genius Film
I was out and about taking some photos of the lovely Manchester Town Hall when the cast of Genius photo-bombed me.

Filming in Manchester

So it did happen, it was exciting, Jude Law is a handsome man.

Genius Film
Apparently 1930s New York had a lot of chairs.
Genius Film Genius Film
Big cover put up to reflect light and stop the public watching, while we were asked not to look out the window; so we went more stealth.
Genius Film
Steadicam in operation with Jude Law

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