Technology's catching up, what do we do?

  • 14 August 2013

Technology and media is changing at an extremely fast rate and yada, yada, yada. Its not only common knowledge, it’s an expectation. Order a camera or phone online and before it is dispatched to you, the successor gadget is out. This time better, faster, slimmer, sexier and wetter (its water-proof now, conveniently constructed after the general public acceptance of climate change).

Due to the fact that everything is changing so fast, things are better and cheaper. The HDSLR revolution happened a few years ago and suddenly everyone is a filmmaker. Everyone can afford a DSLR camera and with a tiny bit of talent and a little work, produce nice pictures and videos.

Suddenly the professionals are challenged.

Wedding photographers are loosing their jobs, as these semi-pro clickers will do the work for a third of the professional price. And they’ll do it well too. Well, not all of them, but still.

Video makers specialising in e.g. corporate videos see that students produce better and MUCH cheaper products than them, hence causing a loss of clients.

Certain products, such as wedding photography and corporate videos (in which some companies and persons have specialised in professionally) are being taken over by semi-pros and even amateurs. Of course, there are professional photographers and videographers who specialise in certain products that are so distinct and well crafted (after years’ of experience) that no amateur will catch up with them. However, these are very specialised things that you can only do on an expensive camera with loads of experience. But some very standardised products can now be delivered by almost anyone.

So what should the wedding photographers and corporate video makers do?

I personally think that delivering one form of media is not enough anymore (unless you do it extremely well). Expanding into new forms of media is almost vital. So if you’re a wedding photographer, maybe learn how to do video and offer that as one of your services. If you’re a videographer, learn how to make webpages or read some stuff about facebook marketing. Offer more media. Or become the best in something that amateurs can’t and never will be able to do.

At the end of the day, a cinematographer can make a better film on an iphone than an amateur on the best camera in the world. But the amateur has the iphone. And soon he/she will get a DSLR camera.

So get up and learn some more stuff.

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