Never Work with Animals, Children or Products?

  • 29 March 2014

Previously we’ve done various videos on products to help people sell or advertise their business, but our recent client has been ALL about the product, forget the people; these videos are 40 odd hardcore seconds purely on retro record players.
So is the famous saying, ‘Never work with Animals, Children or Products’ true? Well, even with a product you get ‘bloopers’ so let’s see if we can answers the question.

Why does everything need power?

In general, objects with cables that need power don’t spin round. There’s a fairly specific reason for that. When wireless power (WiTricity – stupid name) is more than just a potential fad to charge small devices and we’re all walking around surrounded by all this invisible electricity then I’ll be happy. Or in a lot of danger.

Sometimes you just need to be a bit crazy

After several retakes you can sometimes get a bit delirious, sometimes just going crazy is the best way to deal with it. Or you can just do the normal things, we drew a face on a butternut squash.

Behind the Scenes
Our friend, Mr B Squash.

You can put ‘film Passion’ into objects

It might just be a turntable spinning on another turntable but it can still be ‘beautiful’.

Voiceover alternative

Everyone has a voice they’d love to have; maybe you wouldn’t use it for some voiceovers, or maybe you would.

Let’s be honest though, it was quite fun.

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