I would walk 20 miles, and I would walk 20 more.

  • 20 May 2014

Occasionally, when we’re not working, we go and socialise, we do stuff outside of work; it’s a weird concept I know.

On Saturday 10th May, one of our team, Paul, went on a walk. A big walk, a 40 mile walk from Keswick to Barrow. Some people ask why you’d go to Barrow let alone walk 40 miles to Barrow, some people even ran it in under 5 hours. RUNNING TO BARROW! That’s not right.

Well, it’s because it’s all for charity. The K2B walk is an annual event, this year almost 3000 people took part raising a toal of £345,160 for good causes.

Naturally, Paul took the GoPro and created a video. If we’re honest, a bit more footage would have been useful but Paul had more gruelling things to think about and injures to cope with than finding the van where the GoPro was charging. So to bulk it out a bit, there’s a nice map too.

Take note of the horrible rainyness when we started at 6am but the slightly nicer weather at the finish just before 6pm.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, thanks to all the organisers and a big group hug to our team; ‘Roger Marsden’s High Flying Walkers’.

Paul completed the walk in 11 hours and 47 minutes, and only limped around for a few days afterwards.

He’s raising money for the Lancashire and District Homeless Action Service; if you’re quick, you can still sponsor him at Plus, the nice people at HSBC have agreed to match all the sponsorship money we raise!

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