Photographers: The Dating Game

  • 29 September 2014

In a previous blog I suggested wooing a companion by sending them a nice big canvass picture. If that hasn’t worked here’s some more advice; be a photographer.

Recently we’ve been out and about creating timelapses of the wonderful city of Manchester. In particular we’ve been using the amazing Omnislider and Omnihead from DitoGear, however even without this impressive piece of kit we’ve found that just being in public places with a camera turns heads. People talk to you! Although maybe some of our equipment is just like having a fast car; we’re making up for something.

Our latest shoots took us inside and outside the gothic Manchester Cathedral.
The slightly less romantic multi story car park.
And the Manchester photographers meeting place; Deansgate Lock.

We’ll be putting all these shots together along with a few others we’ve collected to showcase a short Manchester Timelapse film. It’ll go along side our completed Norway Timelapse film; Himmel. More on that next week.

But back to getting you a soul mate. Of the three locations above, Deansgate Lock is mainly just full of people with cameras shooting people, objects and scenery. Take a camera, take a photo of literally anything and other photography enthusiasts/amateurs/professionals will come up and either give snide remarks or genuine questions such as; ‘you should use the Canon 5D’, ‘what are you filming?’, ‘I’m a little bit jealous of that’, ‘who are you filming for?’, and ‘would you like to go for a drink, come to mine, move in together, get married, have kids and live a long and happy life with me?’.

It’s simple; just get out there, flash your camera and people are generally quite friendly. On a similar note if you’ve given up with your personal life to instead concentrate 100% on business, maybe you’ll make some new clients too!

If all that fails to find you that special someone then try adopting a cute dog and taking it on lots of walks; people love cute dogs and sometimes they’re cheaper than camera equipment.

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