Relax in the Lanor Lounge.

  • 3 December 2013

We are hugely excited to present the first band to grace the Lanor Lounge of Music! They are Suzy and Alex, or, to you and me, Kinwah.

We’ve already had Kinwah over to shoot a music video of their song Mary Ann, and a week later, our very own Paul turned 25. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to have a band play, and open up the concept of the Lanor Lounge – a live performance in a living room, which we film and record. So, Kinwah arrived just before the pizza and just after the drinks, and played a few cover songs.

The concept of Lanor Lounge was always going to be a supremely intimate affair, but Kinwah simply mesmerized. Uplifting acoustic interpretations rendered hugely recognizable songs unrecognizable, with unabashed authenticity and identity the name of the game for Kinwah. Alex and Suzy’s angelic tones complement each other with reciprocal beauty, with a single acoustic guitar providing the ideal canvas for their heavenly harmonies.

Basement Jaxx hit Romeo is a track trademarked by UK house beats and electronic dance bravado. Stripped down and garnished with all of the above, the effect is spellbinding. The entrancing female vocal takes centre stage here, and the intimacy between Alex and Suzy themselves is testament to the cohesion of Kinwah. The drier, less urgent and flawless voice of Alex is showcased more prominently in the duo’s interpretation of Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home. The result is another sumptuous take on a contemporary pop song, again rendering it a Kinwah track. There’s no lead singer here, just two perfectly suited talents that strip down radio-bait into thoroughly captivating insights. Kinwah weren’t finished there though; the few lucky enough to be present at Lanor HQ had their requests for a final number answered with another delectable take – this time on an indie anthem. Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead was leisurely arranged into a surge of warming uplift, with both voices hypnotizing the lucky few.

There’s no two ways about it; this was a genuine treat for those present. Kinwah are a bewitching unit with a pair of spellbinding pipes, and the restraint shown in their interpretations of well-known songs is confirmation of their resourcefulness and originality. A very happy birthday to Paul, and may this be the first of many Lanor Lounges. Oh, and don’t worry, Radio 1 aren’t going to sue us…

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