Same Lounge, New Band.

  • 15 November 2014

Carl Purvis from Reviewcaster reviews our latest Lanor Lounge.

A year on from the debut of the Lanor Lounge, we are delighted to welcome another exciting artist to the Lanor HQ. This time, the music comes in the form of folk wunderkind Billy James, who dropped in to play a few acoustic numbers.

Originally from Blackpool, Billy now plies his trade in the midst of a thriving Leeds music scene, but has certainly not left his influences behind on the Fylde coast. His music is described on his Facebook page as ‘lazy bedtime art’, and is the easiest easy listening music you’re likely to come across. A splishy-splashy brand of guitar and a lazy, cherubic vocal bears transcendent similarities to the ebb and flow of the Irish Sea washing up empty shells onto the Blackpool beaches, and if you’re a fan of Lisa Hannigan, or Fionn Regan, you could do much worse than allowing Billy James into your library.

Armed with a doublet of angelic female vocalists and a cello for good measure, Billy got down to work, easing the lucky few in attendance into Roam, a gorgeously laid-back sandy sashay that rose like the sun on a mild autumn morning, ultimately culminating into a luscious arrangement of restrained vocals and carefully rationed strings.

Urgency is not something that is ever going to be at the forefront of Billy’s music, and he maintained his indulgent pace with his second track, Home. This is a track that showcases everything good about the blueprint of Billy James, with enchanting, tangled guitars, perfectly delegated female falsettos, and just the right amount of refrain to keep you entranced.

After a break, with the sun set on the day and nothing but inky blackness now permeating the vast windows of Lanor HQ, the cameras were back on Billy and Co. for a couple of final numbers to close the most intimate of shows. Another gorgeous 6 stringed-reverie ushered us into Sea, before the tide came in with as much urgency as we’re ever going to get from this bunch. Billy strummed his guitar with more vigor here as the track built to its climax, leaving the more imperative vocals to one of his female accomplices.

The set was ushered gently to a close with Dry, another exquisitely alluring tarpaulin of acoustic restraint that was the perfect canvas for Billy to show off his ability as a lyricist. Here he weaved his lexis through the labyrinth of strings in expert fashion, with the cello’s influence increasing in prominence to bring the most confidential of performances to a definitive conclusion.

It goes without saying we were delighted to have hosted Billy James and his band to the Lanor HQ, and as with previous Lanor Lounges, it was a genuine treat for those lucky enough to be present. Such a stripped down environment allowed for Billy’s ability as a songwriter and lyricist to shine through our cameras. If you enjoy being ushered into blissful relaxation and utmost content, or if urgency just isn’t really your thing, get some Billy James into your life.

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