We have a play with the Merlin SteadiCam

  • 20 July 2013

We’ve been so lucky to have had The Northwest Enterprise Champion project with the European Regional Development Fund investing in Lanor Productions.


The Magic Starts Here

This resulted in new, sweet kit. One of our new tools is the Merlin Steadycam 2 – a flycam/steadicam that was invented by Garrett Brown, THE inventor of the steadicam!

The first thing we did was to take it out of the box and test it – after about 4 hours of calibrating it (and even though it was not fully calibrated), it gave us incredible results!

Me and Duncan were running around Bournemouth filming each other and going in circles around each other with this weird little toy at 1AM at night on Sunday – and even though we might have freaked some people out – we achieved really good results and increased our fitness.

So we thought that we wanted to share the very first test with you. We ran a distance with a Canon 60D with a Tokina 11-16mm lens on it with and without the steadicam attached while recording.

The difference in the smoothness of the two shots was immense. We’ve made a short video to show you what we mean, so please enjoy, comment, ask and share ☺

Merlin Merlin

We’d like to thank Amanda Brooks, the Enterprise Coordinator and Jon Powell, the Project Manager & Enterprise Champion at the Research and Enterprise Services at Lancaster University. Without them we would not be running around the streets at night creating grainy yet very smooth videos! With their help and belief in Lanor we will be able to make new, smooth, exciting videos.

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