We look at Twitter and our favourite short films

  • 24 February 2014

Films are great. You know what else is great, Twitter. Twitter’s great.

From a personal point of view I like Twitter because the majority of people will never see what I Tweet, which means I can Tweet virtually anything with pretty much no one seeing it let alone caring about it. Now Facebook on the other hand; people see that, people I know. Even if I’d walk past them on the street without acknowledgement, Facebook makes sure that my update hangs around in till they log on and see it! That means, because I’m so insecure, that I need to be careful about what I post so not to destroy my ‘cool’ online persona. The scientific graph below shows proves what I’m saying. On a serious note, you should follow me on Twitter; I’m amazing.


But that’s enough about me, this is business! Over the last few months we’ve been posting #MorningFilms. Each morning we found, watched and Tweeted a link to encourage everyone to have an inspiring morning and rest of the day. It was nice. The best of the bunch even got put onto Facebook (here I could moan about Facebook not posting company page posts on peoples timelines unless you pay them lots of money because Facebook is no longer a social site it’s a site that only wants your money…but let’s talk about that another time).

However, we’ve noticed, and looked at proper research graphs, that show most people don’t look at Twitter during the hours of 9am and noon; because they go to work or something-weird! As a business and not just a Paul, we like people to see our Tweets, so we’ve mixed it up a bit, not a lot, just a bit.

Our new #EveningFilm is exactly the same concept but at a different time of the day. This means your mornings will continue to be miserable but you’ve got something to look forward to in the evening. So if you work vaguely normal hours then keep an eye out when you get home and sit down with a cup of tea to watch an #EveningFilm that’s usually under 5 minutes; everyone’s got 5 mins!

In celebration, or commiseration, or just an excuse to write a fun blog. Here’s a quick look back at our 5 favourite #MorningFilms from 5 to 1.

Top 5 Short Films

I used to have some bowls this big, if you need some bowls that big, try Ikea.
I'll never truly understand this. On a side note, that can mentally damage cats!
Stunning cinematography, sound design and story. What a package!
This is easily worth 47 seconds of your time.
An accurate reflection of the real world.

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