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  • 15 November 2013

Music means a lot to me, that’s partly why I’ve decided not to get a TV in my flat, some speakers and 6 Music will do me, oh and catch up helps (broadband pending).


I’ve only been living in Manchester a couple of weeks but last week I went to my first Manchester gig, as a Manchester resident. I’ve been to a few Manchester gigs before, including Radiohead, I’m from Barcelona, Teleman, The Duckworth Lewis Method and The Presidents of the United States of America; I’ve never been disappointed.

Last week was the turn of Sweet Baboo, a relatively unheard of band if you solely listen to Radio 1 of Capital FM, but 6 music listeners should know of them. I actually think whenever 6 music listeners go to gigs we should all wear little badges, or a feather in our caps, so that we can either huddle together in defiance or, more likely, keep our distance from each other but give each other an appreciative nod; that’s the British way.

Anyway, back to Sweet Baboo, they were excellent. Excellent enough that I will be buying their album and also puts them in that exclusive list where when you go to a festival they’re a band that you look out for and would go and see. I can see them maybe appearing at the excellent Dot to Dot festival next year, a great big urban festial in both Manchester and my home city of Nottingham (oh, and some place called Bristol). Check it out. Sweet Baboo not only sounded good but were good on stage and had some humour to them, you need to listen to the lyrics to hear the humour running through their songs. This one’s about the Cardiff Electronic Library System, naturally!

Their support act was called Two Wings, they were good, the singer was particularly strong although my favourite part was definitely the drummer who has the most terrifying drumming face I’ve ever seen.

Two Wings
Two Wings performing, including terrifying drummer face man (it got scarier).

I love watching live music, even if it’s just in a pub; if you’re ever Lancaster way check out The Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company, they’re a bizarre but incredibly entertaining band. It makes you realise how much talent there is out there and how thin the line is between getting signed to a label and just doing the pub/small gig scene. You certainly need some luck in the music business.

But what should I listen to?
Of course you should listen to every band mentioned in this blog, links have kindly been provided. As for the Lanor HQ playlist, well at the moment we’re very much into Kurt Vile and Turin Brakes.

Next Music Video Please

Here at Lanor, we’ve helped a few small artists create music videos, a couple of weeks ago we recorded Ollie Gaskell playing ‘Sugarhouse’ (about the student club in Lancaster), watch the video below.
This week we filmed Kinwah performing ‘Mary Ann’, that’ll be out soon.

Kinwah in action.

Liverpool v Manchester

The North West is a hub for everything creative, and the age old ‘Manchester v Liverpool bands’ question will never go away; I’ve babbled on enough so very quickly I’m picking 6 Liverpool bands, 6 Manchester bands and randomly pitting them against each other to see who wins. The band in bold is my winner. It’s all very scientific.
Manchester/Greater Manchester Liverpool/Merseyside A vague explanation why…
Badly Drawn Boy The Coral He wears a hat, he’s done a tour of fish and chip shops, he’s made one of the very few Christmas songs I like. Easy.
Joy Division Cast As much as Cast started BritPop and how good ‘Fine Time’ is; Joy Division are a bit better.
Oasis The Zutons The Zutons are probably nicer people but I don’t, on a regular basis, join a massive circle and shout Zutons songs at the top of my voice.
The Smiths Half Man Half Biscuit It might be controversial but I don’t care!
The Stone Roses Echo & The Bunnymen Two quintessential North West bands; but I’d prefer to listen to the Stone Roses Greatest hits than Echo.
Chemical Brothers The Wombats This was close, Wombats have a catchiness to them but there’s something about the Chemical Brothers. Let’s call it a draw.

Well there you go, Manchester win it! Who’d have thought Half Man, Half Biscuit would be the only outright Merseyside winners, especially against The Smiths. What do you think?

Finally, it’s not completely relevant but all I’ve been thinking of while writing this is Beatles v Stones; we all know the answer, Liverpool wins this one!

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