Hi, my name's Paul.

  • 28 October 2014

Lanor Media is going from strength to strength, we’ve moved to Manchester and I’m here for the journey too!

We all know Lanor is very creative, but I’m here to keep the business side of things on track, among a whole load of tasks I’ll be managing projects, doing marketing stuff and stopping Greg buying pointless things!

The Grand Old Duke of Pork

‘Why me’ I hear you all shout. After Graduating from Lancaster University at the same time as Lanor founder Greg, I went on to found my own business, The Grand Old Duke of Pork, a bespoke sausage making business; after getting a Management and Entrepreneurship degree it was the obvious next step; everyone’s doing it now! While there I learnt a lot about running a business, the importance of contacts, sales, marketing and having a great team around you; Lanor certainly has a great team and I hope I can add to that. While running The Duke, Lanor helped me out by creating a video explaining what we did. Together we came up with a script, put the ideas together and created, what I think, is a nice little video. As a start up, it proved a very powerful marketing tool, it got the message across and even helped me win a few awards.

Lanaster University

Let’s go back even further, University was fun, it was the best. Me and Greg first met at the student radio station; Bailrigg FM, between drinking we sometimes even did radio shows. Naturally Greg would make a time lapse.

Even house parties or gatherig would turn into a film, Greg lives and breathes film and that is at the heart of Lanor Media, any opportunity or small idea will blossom into a creative phenomenon (which is the one word I refuse to say on radio, it just never comes out right!). At Uni we make a short film about sneezing alled Hay Fever; I'd show it but with a budget of zero and acting far, fr below zero I'll save it for another time.

One of the largest productions that we undertook while at University was Incomitatus III; there were loads of us involved, I was in charge of lighting! We filmed it all in just two days, which meant two days where I didn’t have to revise. I’ve got several fond memories of Incomitatus, one is when I managed to kick the end of my bed, it hurt; that night, around midnight, we did one of the scenes down by the canal. When I got home, I discovered that my trainer was dyed with blood and the nail on my little toe was about to fall off. When the nail eventually did completely fall off I kept it in my wallet for several months. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this story!

Back to the here and now

Lanor Media has moved to Manchester and we’ve got our fingers in lots of pies (mmmm pie). From hotels to university campus tours, we’re doing all sorts. There’s a lot of talent in Lanor and this is going to be a big year for us, finding our feet and getting our name out there. I’ve seen a lot of promotional and creative films and sometimes I’m genuinely amazed how poor some of them are but everything I’ve seen from Lanor, even on a small budget, is truly excellent, the quality or the end product and the enthusiasm of everyone involved left me in no doubt that I wanted to be part of Lanor Media. It’s going to be fun!

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