Paul popped home to help (and film) at an annual Bonfire Night.

  • 18 November 2014

Remember, remember the 5th of's not hard to. A more important date is the closest Saturday to the 5th because that's when my old Scout Group, 3rd Woodthorpe, in Nottingham, hold their Bonfire Night.

3rd Woodthorpe Scout Group are lucky enough to have some great grounds called Pepperpots. Thanks to the two 'Pepperpot' shaped chimneys on the site that let out the smoke and steam from the trains that used to run through the tunnel under the site. The top and bottom fields also mean the slopes are fun and dangerous to play on, conveniently called 'Death Slides'. Anyway, enough of the reminiscing.


I really enjoy popping back home for the weekend to help with this event; this year I helped out with the set up/take down, the cooking AND setting up the fireworks! That's why you might spot me a few times on the time lapses which I also somehow found time to make! Now in it's 33rd year, it was another great night with the rain just stopping in time and over 1000 people attending.

Enjoy the video and if you'd like to know more about the scout group or Pepperpots then you can at, maybe even come along to next year's event, there might not be many more of them left as the Government are planning to build a road right through the middle of it! Damn Government!

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