Before we start...a rant.

  • 11 June 2014

Before I talk about the summer, I want to mention this, 42 Reasons Why You should Choose Manchester instead of London list. I wrote the other month about how I hate these list blogs. I agree with many of the 42 points BUT it’s just a list of 42 well known facts about Manchester. A LIST! I live in Manchester, went to Lancaster Uni and come from Nottingham (which is the Midlands!), I prefer the north but I quite like the south. Even though I don’t live in London I reckon I could find 42 points that counteract that Manchester list. Maybe I will! Or I could just write a 1 point list:

1. London is really big, you can find lots of things there.


A Dito Summer

Hill Sign

In one week I head to America, to work with some kids who want to (or in some cases don’t want to) climb on walls, rocks and any other hazard they find. If I come back with zero deaths I’ll count it as a success.

But Lanor keeps on gaining momentum as it rolls down the rhetorical momentum hill, which is slightly higher and steeper than this hill which naturally you’d only find down south; there’s probably a stupid list of stupid hills somewhere on this stupid internet. Stupid.

There’ll be a few new faces over the summer, they’ll introduce themselves. We’ll be finishing off some corporate productions, including Careers Videos, a Knowledge Exchange event DVD, a Horse Holiday promotion, a surprise celebration and others that will hopefully include free food, watching England win the World Cup, tourist trips to York and a man in a book shop. Although atleast one of those things might not be quite right, we’ll leave those projects to intrigue you for a bit longer. Right now, there’s one, well two, other things on our mind. In the last few days we’ve taken delivery of the rather wonderful DitoGear OmniHead and we’ve got an OmniSlider on its way.

Just to give you an idea of how excited our very own Greg is about it all, here he is…

The DitoGear will allow us to create not only precise real time movement up, down, left, right, along…everywhere…but also smooth, incredible timelapses. Remember all those moving timelapse #EveningFilms we’ve posted (it has actually been a while since we posted a timelapse), well now it’ll be us making them.

We’ve still got a few things to learn but we’re working on it and over the next few months we’ll be posting some reviews of all this excitement.

Have a good summer everyone.

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