Video Killed The Radio Star

  • 22 June 2015

This weekend we were filming a crazy electro gaming music gig in Brighton, plus with the release of our recent, and excellent, Airborne music video; we've gone a bit music mad.

So we got the office together, with biscuits, and all shouted out our favourite music videos. Here's our list of the 5 best music videos of all time.


Lanor Director Greg loves slow motion and his cinematic eye is bigger than his stomach, and his stomach is big! That's why this makes it into the top 5, also look how high these people can jump! Wow!

The Acid - Basic Instinct


Not only does it leave us unsatisfied, allowing our imagination to run wild but you also get a glimpse of some of Thom Yorke's unique dancing style. He's even better live, and incredibly short! Paul also thinks this is Radiohead's best song, time for a lie down while we think about that.

Radiohead - Just


We do like single take music videos. It's also impressive that someone can dance with that much enthusiasm for 4+ minutes and still remember the moves. Maybe we're just unfit here at Lanor.

Kiesza - Hideaway


We could have chosen virtually any OK Go music video; the one with the brass band, the one with the drone and one wheel thing, the one in the crazy fun house place or the one with the car hitting lots of stuff.

They're all incredible but we got it down to two. It was tempting to go with the one with the giant 'marble' maze but we had to go for the one that started it all off, the original, low budget, pre sponsor video. That one with the treadmills....

OK Go - Here It Goes Again


This is more than just a music video. This is a story, this is a documentary, this is a journey. It's beautiful yet harrowing!

Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky

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