Time for a Time Lapse?

  • 30 July 2015

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a new intern. Jan has joined us to help with our latest Grow Wild videos and write everyone's favourite, a top 5! Here he is.

Time lapses are something everybody enjoy watching, whether they admit it or not. There are some boring time lapses out there; however, almost all the time lapses we have seen are interesting. You cannot deny the fact that time lapses are awesome after seeing these five amazing clips. You will probably enjoy them, even if you have seen some of them before.
Now let’s get to it. These are our favorite 5 time lapses:


This touching time lapse shows us how much we can contribute to help others with their problems. This homeless veteran decided to step out of his misery and was helped by kind people.

Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation - RobBlissCreative


Another great time lapse we enjoyed is also a close up. One word is enough to explain why we enjoyed it. Puppy.

The Pegasus Project – Dave Meinert


Have you ever wondered what the arctic would look like if everything there moved in fast motion? No? We neither, but we found out anyway.

The Arctic Light – TSO Photography


If you’ve ever heard about the phenomenon ‘’Midnight sun’’ in some northern countries, you’ve probably been questioning if it is true. This phenomenal time lapse gives you the answer.

Midnight Sun: 4k Iceland - Scientifantastic


1. TSO Photography made it again. The time lapse you are about to see now, is a clear winner of this top five list. This amazing masterpiece of a time lapse gave us chills all over our arms. The mood in the video is amazing, and the pictures are absolutely beautiful. We love it.

The Mountain – TSO photography

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