It's Valentine's Day soon. There is a link...

  • 5 February 2014

Apparently, November is a popular time to give birth, they’re Valentine’s Day babies you see, which is nice; wait, I was born in November…eww?

Anyway, Lanor are less/not reliant on the gestation period of anything, which means we’ve recently created a few virtual tours.

These Tours give you the opportunity to have a full 360° view of any room, place or area. Something along the lines of Google Street View but a bit prettier and sometimes less weird, but we can still do weird if needs be!

Street View

We take 360° worth of photos in 4k quality. If you’re wondering what 4k is; a simple way to put it is to imagine image quality being 4x better than High Definition.

During post production we use various pieces of software to stitch it all together and make it look beautiful, including one we affectionately call ‘PT’; who actually hates us.

We can take panoramas of areas big or small, remote or busy. We can even make games out of it; here’s one, it’s called ‘Spot Paul’.

Spot Paul

Explore the room by dragging the image and clicking on stuff, full screen it with the button on the right. Oh, and speakers up!

I think you get the idea. We recently completed a Virtual Tour for Lendal Tower in York. Here's another of a wonderful little cabin in Norway.

We even do nice pictures too, if I had a significant other, I’d ask Lanor to take a photo of a special place, get it printed onto canvas and give it to said loved one. Valentine’s day present sorted!* Now to get ready for the November birth.


If you’d like to find out more or have any questions then you please get in touch!

*There’s the link we’ve all been waiting for!

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