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  • 23 January 2015

It's time for some stats.

You might be bored of numbers being thrown at you to prove a point, and in a world where data and information is everywhere you might also believe that you can find a stat that will prove just about anything but because I'm proud of my educated background, I'm not only going to throw a few stats at you I'm also going to hand over the references too. Then you can make up your own mind.

Does everyone really need a video?

quoteSeven out of ten people said their perception of a brand was positively altered after seeing interesting video content.quote

(Axonn, 2013)

What do the top 5 most visited websites in the UK have in common [1., 2., 3., 3., 5.]? (Alexa, 2015)

Answer, within a couple of clicks you can be watching a video on all of them. That's no coincidence, video content is important.

quoteBy 2017 video will account for 69% of all traffic.quote

(Cisco, 2013)

So video is here in a big way and it's here to stay. You can survive without video but it adds an extra element to your strategy and without it you will eventually be left behind.

Let's be more specific.

How about the people at the top? Surely they don't have time for video?

That's the point, people are busy and time is precious. No one wants to sit there and read a bunch of 20 page reports. With a bit of creativity, any content can be made into video form, and it's likely to make the content more interesting and so increase interaction.

quote59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch the video.quote

(Forbes, 2010)

It seems that those creative marketing experts also agree.

quoteVideo has been found to convert better than other forms of digital content, with 71% of respondents indicating it performs better for them than text and images.quote

(vidyard, 2014)

Try before you buy?

Services are difficult to try before you buy. Take hospitality and travel for instance, it's unlikely anyone will give you a free nights stay up front to test the room so the best option has become 'see before you buy', and it's certainly becoming popular.

quote53% of leisure travelers and 64% of business travelers watched videos from brands like hotels, airlines, cruises, tours, etc.quote

(Google, 2014)


The online shopping boom means that increasingly customers don't even see the product they're thinking of buying. But don't worry, the virtual world can help with a product video.

quote88% of respondents to the survey confirmed an increase in conversion rates for product pages that contained a relevant video.quote

(liveclicker, 2014)

I could go on to talk about the importance of video for SEO and your website; how easy it is to share video on social media or how people tend to remember more information from visual and audio rather than just text, images or audio but I've already mentioned that no one has time to read 20 page reports.

Let's get qualitative with our clients.

If you like the crackle of vinyl you might be interested in these product videos we created. Here's what the guys at GPO said:

quoteLanor produced our turntable product videos; they look great on Amazon, Argos and our website and we’ve even noticed an increase in sales since we launched the videos.quote

Everyone likes a compliment, here are some adjectives that people have used to describe us:

quoteEnthusiasticquote quoteCreativequote quoteProfessionalquote quoteEfficientquote

But don't forget, we're not just here to point a camera at people, places and objects. We're with you the whole way, you become our family. One of our family members from Lancaster Uni put it best:

quoteYou also offer consultation, guidance and advice. You do all the hard work tailored for the business – you take all the hard work out of creativity.quote

Thats enough ego for now, you can find more client quotes here.

Talking of creativity, let's hear what our Creative Director, Greg , has to say.

Greg, why should someone ask us to produce a video for them?

quoteWe believe in what we do. We make beautiful films. And most of all we have fun doing it, everything turns out better when you're having fun.quote

That's passion

Behind The Scenes

Finally, let's have a look behind the scenes to show you what we do.

bhs bhs
We shoot lying down & we shoot in the studio.
bhs bhs
We shoot with multiple cameras & we shoot music videos.
bhs bhs
We shoot with protection & we shoot in streams.
bhs bhs
We shoot at night & we shoot when it's cold...too cold.

Hopefully you agree that video is for you. If so, give us a ring on 0161 228 1267, email or complete our project planner and we'll get started.


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