• 6 May 2016

Here's a little story all about how our gif got split for story time.

First quiz question, from the sentence above, guess which decade I grew up in?

It's The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It's Will Smith. It's the 90s!

There'll be more of these question and answer sessions as we go on; this blog has everything.

What's this all about?

It's about how gif images have made a comeback; like every band from the 80's, 90's and 00's seem to. It's also our attempt to create a new craze, the #GifStory. We've been tweeting a series of short gifs which take us on a point of view journey from one place to another. However, it doesn't really make any sense and actually causes more questions than answers, hence the ongoing quiz. Finally we'll explain how it came to this and how it resulted in two bits of business advice, one of which we definitely failed at.

A quick Gif-tory Lesson

It first appeared in 1987 as a compressed image that could quickly be transferred over the slow modem connections they had. Later that year it was upgraded to allow timed delays; the animated gif was born. Thanks to Netscape (remember them) supporting gif files, it lived on! The World of Gif (theme park coming soon) has changed a lot since then, now it's mainly just short clips from low-brow TV shows. Read more about the History of Gifs, including how to pronounce it, at

Some say Gifs should loop, seamlessly. I say no. A gif is a file type. It doesn't matter. Although that might be the next obvious step for the craze that will be #GifStory. So let's begin the first ever* #GifStory


The Van

Why is there no character or story background?

Budget cuts, poor acting, poor script writing, creative directing, gif doesn't support audio. Plus we like to get straight into the 'action'.

Is there even a story?

Of sorts. I guess anything can be a story.

Who's that guy at the end?

Now you're interested!

The Handshake

Will this handshake ever end?

No. It pleases the looping gif fanatics.

Why is this gif not in a square resolution?

If we're honest it's because you can only upload a 5mb gif to Twitter so cropping it gave us some valuable wriggle room to have a higher quality image. But this one is slightly shorter and the framing wouldn't work so well in a square.

The Running

Where have that guys glasses gone?

Some running was required so he took his glasses off.

Why are they running?

He took his glasses of so he had to run.

What is this weird room with just one fish tank of fish?

We're not really sure, it might only exist in our minds and some very sophisticated green screening.

Why is there a blanket just randomly on a mic stand?

It's just hanging around, letting the #GifStory flow.

Why is there no consistency with where the #GifStory goes?

It's experimental cinema.

Where are they now?

You're getting into this #GifStory! You'll see...

The Blanket

Who is this guy?

He's a strapping young lad, willing to give anything a try at least once, often several times. Some say he's a professional spark, others aren't sure what to call him. We call him Dan.

Is he actually cold?

Just look at his face! He needs as much kindness as he can get.

Is he a professional actor?

We can put you in touch if you want.

How did you edit out the Manchester Rain?

Good question, we actually found a small 5 minute window when it wasn't raining. It was difficult.

So why did we film this sequence in the first place without seemingly having any sort of #GifStory plan or aim. Well it was actually filmed for a proposal showing some very nice examples of continuous/invisible transitions (think Birdman or OK Go). However after randomly meeting the person in charge of choosing the successful tender, we discovered that somewhere along the way our proposal had got lost in the system. It was all for nothing! So here's the business advice:

The Business Advice
  1. Socialising outside of work could also be networking, you never know who you'll meet. In fact it's better than networking because you're all in a more natural environment. IN FACT forget formal networking altogether. Socialise, go to events that you're interested in where you're likely to know virtually no one and then talk to people!
  2. Always follow up when you've sent a big important document!

In Conclusion

Why didn't you just put it on vine or just stick with a video?

We want to start a new #GifStory Craze. But yes, yes we should have...

What was the point?

I'm still not sure. Can I just say SEO? It'll definitely improve our SEO.

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