Our Viral Video Guide.

  • 10 November 2015

Viral Marketing videos are nothing new. They have been around before the Internet, even before the word “viral” meant anything unrelated to microbial organisms.

Today, especially it seems, they are more and more commonplace, it is the choice of many companies to raise awareness of their brand through them. The reason is simple: They work. The clue is in the name. Like a virus, the viral ad spreads across the Internet and users’ computer screens through “contaminated” viewers, who found it, saw it, and shared it with friends and strangers all over social media. We've even written about viral videos before.

I’d say they’re also relatively cheap to produce, but that isn’t necessarily always the case. It is true for a few, however, including our latest video for Electrical Safety First: Home Alone.

The premise is very simple - as with most viral ads. A pet owner leaves his pets at home with a camera recording and what he captures is more than he bargained for; a reminder to not keep chargers plugged in whilst we’re out of the house.

In and of itself, the video plays on the oldest trick in the viral book. Animals. They say the internet loves cats and dogs, but the reality is that most people do. Without going into the psychological factors that affect our predisposition towards our cuddly friends, it is safe to assume that we adore them.

You’d be surprised how difficult it is to get a dog to actually chew on a book or make a mess on queue when the cameras are rolling. Thankfully, Frankie’s handler Steve was able to nudge him in the destructive direction. As for Archie the cat… he just did his own thing.

Rule one: Don't go over the top.

The hardest part of making an amateur-looking viral however, turns out to be actually making it look amateurish. So rule one is to not use more equipment than you can fill your pockets with. Greg has a lot of pockets, so Paul carried the GoPro to the shoot.

Rule two: Prep.

Most virals happen spontaneously. A cat will do something silly; someone will fall over; a kid bites his brother’s finger. To capture virality on queue, you’ll need to plan for everything; and so did we. Location, set design, props, animal actors and a whole lot of dog treats.

Rule three: Make it short.

No one is going to sit through a 15 minute epic. They might; but not in the office, not on the bus and certainly not scrolling through Facebook feeds. As such, Alexis cut it to a minute, and that was hard, because Frankie is adorable.

In summary, here's a .gif of our heroes in action:

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