Press P Interactive Campaign Video

  • 30 September 2015
See the full interactive video here.

Electrical Safety First are a UK charity dedicated to reducing deaths caused by electrical accidents. One of their current campaigns is to raise awareness of new legislations known as Part P. We won't go into it too much but basically it means that certain electrical replacements/installations must be completed by a registered electrician. We're pretty much experts on Part P now.

For this, the electrical appliance in question would be a fuse box. Surely no one with limited electrical knowledge would replace their own fuse box, I hear you cry. Well apparently they do! We needed to encourage this to stop. Instead of making a ‘normal’/‘orthodox’ video, we collaborated with Code Computerlove to create a highly ambitious and creative concept that would show the implications of not using a registered electrician verses doing the work yourself.

Inspired by Director Daniel Wolfe, we created two parallel universes, in one, a happy family using a certified electrician whilst preparing for a birthday party, in the other, the same but frustrated and tense family without an electrician.

By pressing 'P' (remember it's about Part P regulations) on your keyboard, the video flips between the two universes. Not only was there some clever coding and clever sound design but also some very clever filming. In order to get the exact same shot for a seamless transition between the universes we needed to film the corresponding scene from each universe straight after each other without moving the camera. We effectively filmed two commercials in one day.

Filming VFX
Filming in progress followed by some VFX post production.

A lot of pre-production and thinking went into the video to create two distinctive yet similar ‘universes’. Aside from the different colour grade and sound, there was an emphasis on the performance of the actors which really adds to the mood of the two worlds.

There are also a few underlying symbolic elements that director Greg Tomaszewicz added, which you will maybe spot after watching the video a few times.

Great work from the whole cast and crew has made an amazing video, have a look for yourself.

We learnt many things from this production. The main one being; if you're looking for a present for a small child, how about a burnt teddy. They'll have a great time tending to its wounds in Teddy Hospital, that's a hospital that everyone wants to visit.

Burnt Teddy
One cuddly toy was injured during the filming of this commercial.

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