A short-film made by Lancaster students with a budget of £50.
Psychedelic horror portraying a disturbed student who experiences the horrors of Incomitatus, a demon on earth relinquishing life of its victims.

The Story

I went to Poland to visit my family during Christmas. After a day I sat down with my cousin, talking about music and art. We decided: ‘let’s make a film’ – since I brought my new camera. We figured that making a film in the basement would be scary; a basement that has not been renovated or used for over 100 years. So we sat down and wrote about 15 potential scenes. Scenes we thought would be scary, that we could do as a two-man team.

We went down to the basement and started to film these random scenes of my cousin walking around in a scary, dark atmosphere. When filming in the basement, new scenarios appeared in our minds and we took that into action and filmed them immediately. In the end, we filmed more scenes that we invented during the shoot than the scenes we wrote down.

I sat down and put it all together. I edited it all in an hour, and then made the sound effects; which took a day. I could not find any title for it, but eventually after searching lots of Latin words I found the word ‘Incomitatus’.
It meant ‘Alone, unaccompanied, without followers’, which I thought was adequate, for what reason I did not know yet.

The film was done and it was a personal success, I surprised myself. But it didn’t make sense, there was no explicit meaning. It was just too random. But there was still something to it that was great and profound. I could not stop watching it to try to understand. After watching it a few times, the meaning appeared, out of nowhere. The random clips I’ve put together comprised a story, a horrible dark story. I was amazed of this and how it happened.

I didn’t fully understand what ‘Incomitatus’ meant, who or what it was, but I knew it was about a demon who possesses one’s mind. Possesses the mind and results in death, eventually.
Incomitatus was left aside. It was a short psychological thriller-experiment made that day in a basement in Eastern Europe, and that was it.

After that time I travelled in Europe and ended up in my cabin in Norway with one of my best friends, Jorgen. We figured out that we wanted to shoot a simple, scary short-film. We spent a day browsing ideas and after writing a few thoughts down and recording some scenes, I came up with the idea of making a sequel of Incomitatus; Incomitatus II. This is where the real idea and philosophy behind Incomitatus came alive…

It was a demon that possessed someone’s mind, ending with death. This demon moved from human to human, eventually instigating their death in various psychological ways. This was a very harsh theme hence why the entire production of Incomitatus II had to be hidden and password protected because it was too shocking since the death of the victim was too obvious.

After a successful film making vacation in Poland and Norway I went back to England. Sitting in the pub with one of my best friends Alex, we started discussing the concept of Incomitatus. A concept of a film that was dead due to its controversy of death. After a long talk he gave me the idea of the instigation of the third part, Incomitatus III.

That night I sat down, writing ideas that came to mind. After a few days, I revealed the concept to my assistant Mike, and he liked the idea of doing a third film. Mike integrated into the writing and we spent many nights writing a powerful and creative script that became Inomitatus III.

2 months later, the planning started for a crew and actors. I always envisioned Incomitatus being a silent black and white film with only sound effects, a concept that would ‘define’ Incomitatus.
But this changed. A revolution in Incomitatus came to be.

This time, a film that will be 5 times the length of the original films, with colour and sound, with actors and dialogue, with 20 not 2 people making it, with passion to create the same story in a different mode, portraying art, portraying death.

The Crew:
DP/Editor/Writer: Greg Tomaszewicz
Producer/Writer: Mike Stainsby
Director: Olly Trumble
Simon Tarry
Rachel Clutterbuck
Tom Gott
Jade Beaty
James Foti
Lights: Paul Hodges
Sound: Ollie Gaskell
Make up: Susie Kelly
Costume Design: Lisa Coleman
W. Lutoslawski
Greg Tomaszewicz

Watch Incomitatus
Don't watch Incomitatus II, it's been suggested it's too dark to show the public; you'll have to get in touch if you REALLY want to see it!

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