Ribby Hall is a village of self catering accomodation, activities and facilities. The Gate Films asked us to produce two online videos to go alongside their TV campaign.

Case Study

The Issue

We were commissioned by The Gate Films to make two online adverts for Ribby Hall: a Segway and an Archery video. We only had about 15-20 minutes to shoot each video and the weather was grim which presented a challenge.

What We Did

Having a short amount of time to shoot each video and with the weather being overcast, we had to be very effective and not portray the bad weather. To resolve this we did quick records of as many aspects as possible of the activity from angles and speeds that neutralised the weather condition. In the edit we did quick cuts and coloured it with high contrast and lots of saturation to make it look vibrant and energetic.


Having a 30 second vibrant and energetic advert with quick cuts provides an enhancing visual experience to the viewer and potential client. The addition of positive music, lots of smiles and a call to action, provide a great way for Ribby Hall to market the experience they offer to potential customers.

Client Site Video

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