Corporate video made for Symphony EYC presenting their product Slingshot.

Presenter: Mitch Vidler
Director/DP: Greg Tomaszewicz
Producer/Sound: Paul Hodges
Editor: Alexis Steele

Case Study

The Issue

Symphony EYC are customer insight analysts, they had recently acquired Slingshot which allows customers to add products to their preferred online retailers basket from any website. They wanted to be able to explain Slingshot to other stakeholders and the advantages it brought, a video was the obvious solution.

What We Did

Using two camera angles we interviewed the Vice President of Strategy at Slingshot who explained what Slingshot was and how to use it. We then corresponded some of the more technical explanations with recordings of screen actions, such as how a product can be sent to a basket with a couple of clicks. The video created a simple and elegant solution to explaining something that people may otherwise not be familiar with.


The quick edit and turnaround from Lanor meant that the video could be used at an upcoming event to help explain Slingshot. Mitch, VP of strategy at Slingshot, who was also the face and voice of the video said that 'Lanor Productions were awesome to work with – creative, fun and efficient. We couldn’t be happier with the final products! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.'

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